Looking for roommates in the Denver area

Hi I’m Tyler Tucker and I’m opening up this topic for others who may also be moving in the area. A few months ago I was split on the whether I should use the ATP housing for the location or get my own apartment as I plan on staying in the area after ATP. However, I was told when I enrolled that housing was no longer available so I’m glad that decision was made for me.

This specific apartment I’m looking at is a 23 min drive to APA and 25 min to BJC (with light traffic). If I find a roommate for a 2 bedroom option it would be less than $1,300 split for 2, and less than $1,000 as split for the 3 bedroom (Cheapest from what they advertise). The prices for apartments seem inflated now compared to a few months ago which I’m going to guess is from a wave of college students. As I’m checking now many of the rates are going down about $100 since I last checked a little over a week ago. I start on September 18th and hope that they go down a bit more before then, but I could settle with where they are now.

I take a tour next Thursday to make sure it seems as advertised as well as a few other places if this one doesn’t pan out. If anyone is interested please let me know, and just in case you want to check out their website, the complex is called ‘Circa Fitzsimons Apartments’.