Roomie search near GKY - March 2024

Hello! Emily here…

I’m looking for a roommate in the Dallas area (GKY) and am hoping to move in by mid March 2024. Male or female… just as long as you also do the dishes, throw out bad food, and keep noise level down at nighttime/morning time. Open to more than 1 roommate. Message me if you’re interested or if you just want to meet a fellow classmate (:

-I’m a morning person, into sports/staying active, love delicious food, love all types of music (I play the flute), enjoy reading non-fiction lol, love sci-fi anything or British humor, and am a native Texan.
-I have a cute 3 yo golden doodle who might make the move with me- if it’s okay with the roomie and I’m able to find a reliable dog sitter. Otherwise he’ll stay with family/friends.

Hey Emily! I’m starting March 4, 2024. I’m also looking for a roommate. You can text me (347) 909-2342.

Cool, looks like we’ll be strating around the same time! My start date is a bit later though, the 25th. I’ll text you.

Hi Emily! I came on here just to see what was what but we are starting at the same time at GKY. Feel free to touch base before we start!

Hello Adam, that’s great to hear! I’m trying to figure out how to DM on this website to exchange contact info😅 Let’s see if this way works…

Dang, that didn’t work :joy:

Yeah I tried to figure that out too but I don’t think there’s a way to on this website haha

if you want to you can add me on Instagram a_crosby1417 or you can just shoot me a text (318) 401 5737 either one works for me lol